Annual PAAEC Book Awards

The PAAEC is proud to announce three students at Hill Regional Career Magnet High School were granted book awards by the association. The awards were offered broadly to New Haven area schools- but all three recipients were from Hill.

The students, Kaneez Fatema Anwar, James Gates and Timothy Stankye, submitted prize-winning essays to the PAAEC in response to its invitation to describe how Princeton alumni achieved the university’s motto: "Princeton in the Nation’s service and in the service of all nations." The students chose, respectively, to write about President James Madison, General David Petraeus, and First Lady Michelle Robinson Obama.

In announcing the decision, Book Award Chair Gilles Carter '80 commented, "These students thought deeply and made serious and acute observations about the importance of public and community service to our Nation!"

"I am consistently pleased to share in the recognitions of the multiple and varied academic and social achievements of Hill Regional Career Magnet High School's students," said Hill Regional Principal Michael Ceraso in an email. "Our three awardees are excellent representatives of our student body in their academic accomplishments and diversity."

PAAEC president Barry Nann '57 conferred the awards. The winners were given a letter citing their achievements and received inscribed books personally dedicated to each student by Toni Morrison, Princeton professor emeritus, and Nobel Prize winner. The association plans to repeat its awards next year throughout Eastern Connecticut.

Winners, their books, Principal Ceraso, and PAAEC members.
L to R: Nann '57, Stankye, Anwar, Ceraso, Gates, and Carter '80.

Principal Ceraso informed us of the following about the award recipients:

Anwar looks forward to a career combining medicine and international relations, interests she discovered through her experiences with the Model United Nations Conference during her freshman year at Career High.

Gates plans to study chemical engineering in college, and has most enjoyed his activities in Medical Response Training (one of his high school classes) as well as his long-term involvement in the Boy Scouts of America.

Stankye's memorable classes included a project on swordfish which fueled his interest in becoming a marine biologist. In addition, he especially enjoys studying Latin and Greek.