October 10th - Fall Tiger Party

We invite all area alumni, parents and friends to help us welcome new Tigers at our Fall Tiger Party (featuring wine, beer, and heavy appetizers)! Meredith Gavrin '91 will give us a brief talk on the outstanding, highly successful program she heads at New Haven Academy.

Meredith Gavrin speaking in April 2011 at the Facing History
and Ourselves Small Schools Network retreat in Washington, D.C.

September 30th - Wine Making Party

Peter Beardsley *71 is planning a festive occasion featuring a lamb roast, and he will apply his PU Ph.D. in Chemistry to a joyful wine-making adventure for us! We'll also start this year's (his 28th) wine making (crushing the grapes), and will help bottle last year's. Great fun, but wear suitable clothes because there are often a few splashes!

Photos from last year's wine-making event! (Click to start the slideshow!)

Although there will be plenty to eat and drink, any appetizers and/or desserts would be appreciated! Transportation will be available to Yale students (and others) via other alumni; please contact Barry Nann at barrynann@comcast.net, who will be arranging rides to this event.

Date:Sunday, September 30th
Place:288 Mile Creek Road, Old Lyme (map and directions below)
RSVP:Barry Nann '57 (barrynann@comcast.net)

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  1. Take I-95 to Exit 71 (Four Mile River Road, OId Lyme).
  2. Turn LEFT at end of ramp onto Four Mile River Rd., regardless of which direction you were traveling on I-95.
  3. About 3/4 mile from the exit ramp you will arrive at a "T" intersection ( 3 way stop signs) with CT 156. Turn RIGHT onto 156.
  4. In about a mile, you will see the Bayberry Inn Motel on your right and Clark Veterinary Hospital on your left. Perhaps 100 yards further along, Mile Creek Road branches of to the right, as 156 curves off to the left. Keep right here. You will pass a very small white country church, Union Chapel, on your right.
  5. About 1/2 mile from the turn you will go over a little bridge, so small you may not notice it. Just ahead a road marked Chestnut Hill with a large sign leads off to the right up the hill. Pass this by, but start slowing down, you are almost there.
  6. In another 100 yards, you will see a pair of black mailboxes with driveways on either side. Our is the closer one, unpaved (The Road Less Traveled). We'll try to have some orange and black ‘Princeton’ balloons.
Note: Peter can be reached at 203-314-1505 in case you're completely lost!

October 28th - Community Service: TFA in Connecticut

The three Connecticut Princeton Alumni Associations (Fairfield County, Central Connecticut , and Eastern Connectiucut) invite you to learn more about Teach for America in Connecticut and we hope you will join us on October 28 to support the 208 Teach for America professionals who provide their impressive expertise to over 80 inner city schools in Connecticut. Meet many of the 2000+ Princeton Tigers in Connecticut, as well as their parents, friends and Teach for America teachers!