We need your help with interviews!

Every year the Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) accomplishes the incredible feat of offering every Princeton applicant a chance to interview with an alumnus. However, this cannot happen without your help, and this year we are especially short-staffed to interview the number of applicants from our region; if you can even spare time to interview ONE applicant, it would be a huge help. Karen Packtor '90, the chair for the Eastern Connecticut ASC is recruiting volunteers; email her right away at kpacktor@casciac.org!

As we've said before, the work of the ASC does make a difference. A local newspaper in one of our southern US regions reported last year that a high school student who had been accepted at virtually all of the most selective schools in the country chose Princeton and his decision was based on the positive impression of Princeton that was forged through his contacts with local alumni in his interview and at the ASC post-admit reception he attended. So what are you waiting for? Email Karen!