Membership & Dues


All alumni, parents, and spouses living in eastern Connecticut (New Haven area and further east) are considered members. To subscribe to our emails, simply edit your address on Tigernet to reflect your living in our area. See this brochure (courtesy of Karen Packtor '90) for a quick view of our activities, or feel free to browse this site!


While some events and are funded directly by the event participants, the vast majority of our events' costs (and all the costs of our other initiatives, such as the PAAEC Book Award) are defrayed through membership dues and alumni subsidiaries/donations. Though PAAEC policy does not require members to have paid dues in order to attend events, such funds are GREATLY appreciated. Only dues-paying members are eligible to vote in our annual spring election of the Executive Committee.

Our fiscal year begins on July 1st. The annual dues are:
  • $15 for any tiger less than 10 years out, discounted to only
    $10 if paid prior to the annual autumn meeting (in October)
  • $30 for any tiger more than 10 years out

Payments can be made in one of two ways:
1. Online, via PayPal (no account needed):

2. By check, made out to "PAAEC",
    which may be mailed to:

PAAEC Treasurer c/o Marius Constantin
1245 Chapel Street, Unit 317
New Haven, CT 06511

Please send any questions to PrincetonAAEC [at] gmail [dot] com